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Hello there!
My name is Róbert Fekete, I am a Game Designer from Spain.

I present to you Captain Sparkles' Space Adventure. A hyper causal game about a cat who wants to go the to the origin of the milky way.  On the way he will find asteroids, satellites and even some alien enemies. Avoid these to get points and see how far can you get.

Controls: Use the Arrows on the keyboard to control Captain. 

I made this game to test how much better I have gotten with my skills with Game Maker 2 and GML, after abandoning Game Maker 1.4 in 2018. I redid it without help from anyone. I made the graphics, I programmed everything, chose the music and the fonts. I will probably not come back to this project in a lot of time, since I want to start more complex projects. 

I updated it and made pixel-art graphics to create a more retro look and feel. I know it is not anything to lose you mind over but I am proud to be able to produce games by myself. 

The original game was similar but the player was only able to control the vertical Axis of the character's movement. Also the graphics were originally made by Laprislazuli (my lovely fiancee). The programming in the original game was terrible since I had literally 2 days of experience.   

Install instructions

The Game is an executable so just open it and play. Windows only...sorry. :D


Capt'n Sparkles v1.00.exe 20 MB
Captain Sparkles' Infinite Space Adventure.exe 194 MB

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